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Ey… Eyfygico….EYjaFajalla..Eyjafjallajökull? ARGH!!

April 25, 2010

As you no doubt know… Iceland has exploded. Ok not exactly. But a rather peculiarly named volcano has given headlines something to shout about, holidaymakers a reason to groan and people like me (read: too poor to go on holiday) a wide selection of interesting videos to enjoy.

Exhibit a:

Reporters around the world fall over themselves attempting to pronounce the name of a volcano. What the hell Iceland?

Exhibit b:

Helpful Icelandic musician writes and performs a song to explain to the English how it’s done. Are all icelandic people this impossibly twee?


Exhibit c:

Awesome video of the shock waves produced by the explosions. At about the 18:00 second mark you can clearly see the pressure waves, created by the release of trapped gas, propagating up and through the ash clouds. Very cool.

Exhibit d:

Predictably some paranoid folk have speculated that this volcanic eruption was in fact a conspiracy. Here’s the website of one guy who’s convinced it’s those pesky scientists at CERN. How does he know this? By doing a lot of word hunts (I’m serious).

P... A...R...A...N...O...I...D... coincedence?

Further reading:

A more in-depth explanation of the Eyjafjallajökull’s name.

The English language is disappointingly lacking in impossibly long names. Here’s a long list of long German words.

There are a variety of websites containing stunning images of the volcanic eruptions. Here’s two.

And finally, this is the website of notoriously insane man David Icke. Illuminating comments include: “do you think this has something to do with islands debt??”. Cunning Iceland. Very cunning.

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