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Footballs and placentas.

March 1, 2010

Despite its suggestive title, this post isn’t about an incredibly awesome sounding stage musical. No it’s about sticking to your day job. In this case, physiotherapy.

To save you having to read through a lot of nonsense here’s the article in a nutshell: Quack physiotherapist smothers footballers limbs with Horse placenta (gross) in exchange for lots and lots of money. Placebo effect kicks in (after all, they spent a lot of money on this, it’s got to work!) and footballers fly back thinking they’ve been cured when they probably should have gone to a real doctor.

This is the best part, and you might be surprised to know that it hasn’t been taken from a yogurt advert:

Fresh placenta is rich in stem cells, which can divide and develop into different types of tissue, like nerve, muscle and bone.

Ah yes, that sounds about right. I’ve heard about stem cells, they can do anything right? All you’ve got to do is slap a few of those fetuses around and you’re good to go! Strange that they have to go all the way to Belgrade to get this treatment, why can’t they get the treatment in the UK? Then again, I can imagine that doctors in the UK are too closed minded to appreciate the natural goodnes- Hang on, HORSE placenta? Really? Ok, I suppose cells are cells right? It probably doesn’t matter what animal it comes from… stem cells can do anything! It also doesn’t matter that there is no published scientific evidence supporting this kind of treatment, or even a plausable mechanism by which it could work, because the article says:

Though Kovacevic only massages the placenta fluid on to the surface of the injury, rather than using any injections, she insists ligament injuries like Van Persie’s can be remedied and that she has case records to prove it.

See? She doesn’t need to publish evidence, she knows it works. The treatment is special, exclusi- oh wait, this is really stupid isn’t it.

Yes it is.

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