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What I believe but cannot prove.

August 14, 2012

So even though I rant on about climate science I suppose it must be pretty obvious that I’m not a climatologist. I also like to talk and write about evolution, but I have not personally seen the fossils I might talk about, nor have I been to the planet pluto. Nope instead, I must have faith in the science being done to accept the conclusions being made. Yes, you heard me, faith.

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How to argue like someone who is not an idiot (LIKE ME)

June 15, 2012

Another flawless victory!

I like to think of myself as an experienced surfer of the webs; think silver surfer but approximately ten times wittier and smarter but 100 times less invulnerable and powerful. I can proudly say that I know over 10000 internet memetics and that I can draw upon a long and distinguished history of calling people out on their pleb opinions on a regular basis. I also like to post enlightening comments, in the comments section of youtube, such as: “Hi i’m sorry but I’m really scared! ~If you don’t repost this comment in five other videos then your dog will be eaten by possessed tree-house in the next full moon~” as well as the classic: “I’m only 16 and I think the music of the 70’s was the best! I hate Justin Bieber!”. I call people idiots on Yahoo Answers ALL.THE.TIME and I always wade neck-deep (courageous!) into every discussion I find regarding religion, racism and abortion, expressing my opinions loudly and proudly even if I’ve only just arrived! That takes guts.

As you might expect, this has made me very experienced in debating with other people and, as such ,I have many skills that might be of use to you. So without wasting time, here are my PRO TIPS FOR WINNING ARGUMENTS ON THE INTERNET AND IN REAL LIFE.

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The fully automated future begins here.

December 12, 2011


The robot apocalypse just got funky.

November 16, 2011

You might remember the incredibly informative blog post that I made a year or so ago regarding the awesome mule that has been developed by Boston Dynamics for no-doubt totally peaceful and helpful reasons (like carrying old ladies shopping bags). Well it’s finally been upgraded. BEHOLD:

Ok, actually that’s the prototype. But isn’t it adorable? I can totally imagine having this robot equiped with music speakers and a subwoofer and just having the best house parties. Here’s a video of the completed robot:

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I’m an atheist… (but only technically)

November 15, 2011

Yes. It’s going to be one of those articles. I was originally not going to publish this, owing to the large number of blogs which have no doubt thrashed this topic to death. However, words are not free and, believe it or not, my time is actually worth something above £0.00 (The cost of a freddo to be exact). So enjoy. Or don’t. I certainly won’t hold it against you.

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Exploding trains, fat men, and trollies. You might have seen this movie.

November 15, 2011
I don’t get it

I’ve recently read an interesting article by a certain professor regarding the blockbuster movie “Source Code”. I saw the movie myself a few days ago and I must say it is rather good, in a “watch once, and maybe watch again just so you can see your friends’ reaction to the plot twist” kind of way.  earlier in the year. It’s actually taken me THIS long to edit and publish this post. On a related note, I would warn of spoilers but it’s been so long you’ve probably all seen it already, discussed it and decided to never think about it ever again.

Anyway, for those of you who do still want to discuss Source Code, here’s my impression of it (after the jump).

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The Smurfs 3D: a Review

August 20, 2011